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GameSpot News sat WOW Gold down with Kerry

Le 10 January 2014, 03:48 dans Humeurs 0

GameSpot News sat WOW Gold down with Kerry Philpott, Metabyte's national sales and marketing manager to talk about the implications of this morning's announcement and separate rumor from fact.

GameSpot News: "There have been rumblings that Metabyte's departure from developing its own hardware is a result of some upper-management mistakes. Namely, you guys were asking too much for your PGC (Parallel Graphic Connection) technology and waited too long to implement it. Do you feel you let the genie out of the bottle a little early?"

Philpott: "No, I don't feel that we let the genie out of the bottle too early. This decision was based on a number of factors, none of which I would constitute as mistakes.


Any company that announces a new product usually does so a month prior to the product being available to the consumer. This situation is no different. We had spent many months developing this technology and were at a point where we were comfortable with providing the industry with a look at what we had.

The first titles to release from WOW Gold the

Le 9 January 2014, 04:00 dans Humeurs 0

The first titles to release from WOW Gold the new label are Trivial Pursuit NASCAR edition, Hasbro Sports Digital Camera, and NFL Football and NASCAR versions of Hasbro Interactive's Emil Games - all of which should release to retail this summer and fall.

"We believe there's an enormous opportunity to make sports products that are fun and accessible for the average game player," explained Hasbro Interactive president Tom Dusenberry. "With our familiar brands, hot licenses, and all-family approach, Hasbro Interactive is uniquely positioned to broaden the market for sports games. We believe we can redefine this genre of games, just as we've done with the interactive games market."


Jim Buchanan, who is currently general manager of the Microprose and Atari units, will head Hasbro Sports. Buchanan is no newcomer to sports after having held executive positions at Hyde Athletic and Saucony Footwear.

Halo of WOW Gold earth

Le 8 January 2014, 04:34 dans Humeurs 0

 Halo of earth: Halo of WOW Gold earth is another of James' defensive spells, and it rips huge rocks up from the ground and sends them spinning in a circle over your wizard. These rocks will hurl themselves toward any enemy creature that strays too close to you.

Wall of spikes: Wall of spikes can be used as both an offensive or defensive spell. Huge stalagmites rise from the ground and provide a near-impenetrable barrier between you and your enemies. Anything foolish enough to pass through it will take damage and be slowed down significantly.


Bombardment: One of James' deadliest spells, bombardment lifts nearby boulders high into the air and drops them on a wide area of land. The mortar effect is so devastating that the ground becomes forever deformed. 

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